About NS Coaching

​​The driving concept behind my coaching approach is that I guide and teach my clients to make healthy choices to get them into the best shape of their lives – physically and mentally

It all started with my own journey. After going through depression, eating disorders and stress, I came out much stronger on the other side and knew that I needed work with helping others realize their full potential.

As a coach, I will never choose a "one size fits all" approach as all my clients are different.
I coach them into the best shape of their lives so they can live their best lives. The goal is to provide my clients with the necessary knowledge and tools to transform their lives and achieve both physical and mental strength with sustainable results.

My approach focuses on achieving sustainable results; the process at NS coaching is not about restrictive eating, diet plans, 'cheat days' etc. It is about getting to know your body and how it functions, gaining knowledge about nutrition to best fuel your body and giving you the right tools for your training so you can become a 'badass' and achieve the results you have always dreamed of.